Do You know, that: Administrative law is a branch of public law, which deals with the decision-making of administrative units of government.Many agencies make decisions that can severely affect your rights and benefits. If you are denied the benefits or action you seek, every agency has an appeal process. However, administrative appeal processes often have very complex and specific procedures and rules that you must follow. Skipping one step or missing a single deadline can doom your entire case. We have extensive experience in litigation and administrative proceedings, including administrative fine proceedings, commercial disputes and antimonopoly proceedings before the Competition and Consumer Protection Court (SOKiK). We will fight to ensure that all of the proper procedures and deadlines are followed and your rights are protected!

Do You know, that: Economic law typically refers to systems of legal statutes that largely govern the establishment of various commercial and economic practices. It deals with issues of both private law and public law. Economic law includes the following issues: competition and consumer protection, energy law, public procurement law, bankruptcy and repair proceeding, government investigations  concerning the abuse of a dominant market position, the violation of consumers rights (called abusive clauses in consumer contracts), public aid and litigation between companies in cases of unfair competition. We provide comprehensive legal advisory services in the area of the economic law, including in particular the following: concession procedure, preparation of and expressing opinions on contracts and other documents necessary for registration of commercial partnerships and companies, merger or transformation of existing commercial partnerships or companies, protection of enterprises from torts of unfair competition. Our team is made up of lawyers who thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience can provide comprehensive legal advice connected with their business, reflecting the rapidly changing business environment.

Do You know, that: Telecommunications law concerns the ways that all of various communications technologies are regulated and distributed. The bulk of telecommunication law is geared towards control: controlling what companies can do and controlling what citizens can access. Telecommunication law is focused on market regulation, monopoly prevention, and consumer fairness. Our practice covers the entire spectrum of law, with particular emphasis on telecommunications lawAdw. dr Mateusz Chołodecki has substantial experience representing clients across the entire spectrum of the telecommunications and media sectors.  The combination of his specialized knowledge and vast experience guarantees that our clients will receive comprehensive legal and patent services of the highest standards.